I still don’t understand

Okay, I hope someone can explain this to me.

Why is there no such thing as “civil union” between a man and a woman? Why are “domestic partner” benefits limited to partners of the same sex? I don’t understand. After all, I was married in a civil ceremony, at a courthouse in Colorado, and there has never been a religious component to our union – why does my paper say “marriage” instead of “civil union”? If politicians want to endorse civil unions that give all the legal benefits of marriage, why don’t they just make it legal to marry?

So it’s rather obvious from the wording that I really don’t understand. What bothers me is that I’ve yet to find a logical explanation. So if you can explain it, or know someone who can, please please do so.

I’m sure it’s also rather obvious I’m in favor of gay marriage. Well, not “in favor” – any more than I’m “in favor” of heterosexual marriage – if it works for you, do it. I’ve yet to find any rigorous, unbiased studies that indicate children raised by gay parents lack something other children have – particularly something meaningful. I’ve seen anecdotal replies, but there probably aren’t a lot of situations for which you can’t find anecdotal evidence. Frankly, the only benefit I see of marriage is that of legality – oh, civil benefits! Commitment can’t come from a piece of paper.

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