Sometimes Parents Should Shut UP!

In no way do I wish to lessen the importance of this woman’s grief. After all, she no longer has her daughter.

But, when will parents learn. We must allow our children to grow, to make decisions, and to live their lives. This woman trusted her daughter so little that she refused to believe what her daughter told her. She insists she knows more about what the soldier wanted than did the soldier herself.

Women like this, and like Cindy Sheehan, speak volumes for their parenting. We all love our children. But some apparently don’t respect the decisions their offspring make. Remember, parents, you don’t have to agree, but you do have to respect. Further, you do have to allow your children to make their own lives – advising where you can/should/must, but understanding as well.

Meanwhile, to every soldier who has died, may you Rest In Peace.

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  1. I feel that the person who wrote this blog is cruel and very insensitive. You will never begin to understand what a parent’s feelings are when they lose a child. If you really understood, you would simply read the article and say a prayer or write something kind to help support this mother, Princess’ family and her friends. I have a question? Is George Bush your Uncle? You are a sick person and you will have to face GOD on judgement day for your comments. I will pray for your crazy tail too… u need prayer (fool) You are probably a psych patient. Go somewhere and take your freakin meds.

  2. Why would u write that comment. That parent and any other parent has the right to express their feelings about a family loss. Take your meds and stop writing stupid comments. U will have to deal with GOD on judgement day for your comments. Apparently u have extra time on your hands. Do you have family in Iraq? Are u related to George Bush?

  3. I would have to agree with the original poster, somewhat. Every life lost in this war is tragic, and effects every single one of us, whether we knew the person or not. SGT Samuels was a soldier. She made the decision to join the Army, knowing what that meant. I did my time in Iraq. I know exaclty what Sgt Samuels was going through. I also know that if I did not make it back and my mother ever opened her mouth and a negative word came out of it in regards to my choice of service, my comrades, or my country she would be haunted by me everyday for the rest of her life. I do believe that SGT Samuels stood up in front of our flag, raised her right hand and said the words “I, SGT Princess Samuels, do solemnly swear” and ended with “so help me God.” It is called the Oath of Enlistment. She was not forced, tricked, or drafted into the Army. Let this SGT along with every other American who has gave their life to this war, rest in peace with the honor, pride and remembrance they so rightfully deserve.

  4. Diane Barker – I have been military – I was for over 20 years. I have children, one of whom chose military, though she didn’t continue her military career. I have a brother who’s done tours in Iraq. I respect their choices – even if I didn’t like their choices, I’d not go on TV and say my child/brother/soldier didn’t know what she was talking about. How can you disrespect your own family so?

  5. I would just like to say to everyone that disrespected my sister and my niece, whom died for this country. When two black cars pull up to your front door and a military chaplain rings your door bell while you are cooking dinner for your 6 year son. You are told that your first born child was hit by a motor and died instantly, have to wait a week for her body to return, arrange a funeral and look in a coffin and see your baby DEAD. Then you can make what ever comments you like. But until you have looked in the face of your child in a casket and have to explain to a 6 year old why he will never see his big sister again, then tell me how you would feel, speak or react. I suppose you have never in your life said something that others did not agree with. No matter how she died, Princess died in honor of this country. For everyone, let me know when you experience that type of grief, pain, lost and emptiness then talk to me, otherwise shut up!


  6. Just to make it clear, I am Princess Aunt and it has taken me over a year to respond to this Blog.


  7. Princess was a woman, not a child, who made a choice, and who paid the supreme sacrifice because her Nation asked her to. Without discussion of whether than request was right or wrong, without discounting the grief a parent feels, we must respect that this young woman made a choice.

    Your child will always be your child, but our soldiers are not children. They are respected adults.

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