Open letter to Jesse Jackson

Dear Jesse

Thank you for organizing protests against illegal guns – none of which are sold at reputable gun stores – on the 28th of August, 2007.  {News flash – illegal means not bought on the open market.}

In tribute to your protests, my family bought new legal guns.  Of course, when we bought guns, we needed holsters (we law-abiding citizens carry them in holsters, legally), and ammunition, and accessories.  When we had finished, a local (legal, reputable) gun dealer was many hundreds of dollars enriched.

I can’t say for certain you would find a spike in gun and ammunition sales on the 28th.   I know that is reporting over 100 readers who claimed to have made purchases.  Other blogs are reporting similar numbers.  The Firearms Coalition reports a good day at the location in Maryland your paid supporters picketed.

Mind you, we kept you in mind.  We bought LEGAL guns and LEGAL ammunition.  You see, we, too, dislike illegal guns.  More correctly, we dislike people who use guns for illegal purposes, and believe they should pay the price.  We dislike illegal use of guns.  We decry gun violence, but we applaud the use of guns, whether simply displayed or actually fired, in protection of our families and ourselves.

Again, thank you for providing the focus.  I hope your efforts against illegal guns drives even more commerce to purveyors of legal firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Tess Ailshire

Alexandria, Virginia

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