An Arrogant SOB – a politician – but, then, I repeat myself

Two words:  Jim Webb.  That’s right, the junior senator from Virginia.  Yes, a Democrat, but I doubt that matters much.

I preferred, and voted for, his opponent, but wasn’t heartbroken when Webb was elected.  His opponent showed a lot of class and bowed out rather than recount; the vote was that close.

Webb tried to court gun owners.  He promised to carry a bill to legalize carry in national parks.  Still waiting………   He claimed to support a national reciprocity – which means my concealed handgun permit is legal in your state, as long as I follow your state’s laws, just as my driver license is.

When Senator Thune of S. Dakota introduced such a bill, S.388, not only does Webb not champion it, he doesn’t even co-sponsor.  The worst part?  I’ve written Webb no fewer than FIVE times asking for his support, or at least his rationale.  He has sent me form letters on others issues I’ve addressed, but IGNORED this one.

He’s also decided he’s smarter than the military commanders he (should have) mentored and grown.  Now that it doesn’t affect his ability to do HIS job, he’s happy to sponsor legislation micromanaging the military by legislating deployment lengths.

What an ass.

Five more years to go.  Isn’t that a crime?

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