What makes you more important than me?

Yes, this is a rhetorical question, and is really more a vent than anything else.

You see, I don’t understand those drivers who feel they don’t need to anticipate their turns/lane changes, and then expect me to facilitate their stupidity.  They are more important than I?

Sometimes, people just miss turns.  They realize too late, they don’t know where they’re going, they’re spaced out (not excusing this, just understanding).  But more often, drivers see the left lane is moving faster, so they use it to get all the way to their right turn, then turn on a Moses blinker (expecting it to part the traffic)  and expect me to let them in.  Hey,  my car’s over six years old….ain’t gonna happen.

One driver (in a Frito Lay truck – the FL trucks going to Newington are despicable at this) cut me off, and when I flashed my headlights, stuck his hand out the window with an open/close motion as if to say “I used a signal.”   Sorry, folks, signal means “I intend to turn/change lanes when it’s safe.” and not “You must let me in.”

The people who use the RIGHT lane, knowing full well there’s a bus in their lane two blocks up, and who get right up to the bus, then pull into the next lane, regardless of who what might be there.  Several times in the past few weeks this has happened, twice causing me to stop short, complete with horn and screeching tires (not a function of speed, just my tires, quick stops, and hot, humid pavement).  Then when they realize I’ve stopped/slowed, they pull out ANYWAY.

I’m living proof that carrying a gun doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll shoot all the stupid people.  I can dream they’d all go away, but I guess Mother Nature made them for a reason.  I just wish I knew that reason.

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