Universities sure value free speech, diversity, tolerance, and suspension…..

Hamline University, St Paul, Minnesota, has suspended a student for a couple of e-mail in which he stated the University might be safer if students were permitted to carry guns.

“Hamline University has suspended a student after he sent an e-mail suggesting that the Virginia Tech massacre might have been stopped if students had been allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. Student Troy Scheffler is now required to undergo a mandatory “mental health evaluation” before being allowed to return to school. Scheffler, who was suspended without due process just two days after sending the e-mail, has turned to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help.”

Read about it at FIRE

No wonder universities want to talke about “kids” with guns and alcohol. They can’t control alcohol (didn’t this country learn that during prohibition? I guess not – they still try to regulate marijuana) and they WANT to control guns, so they won’t even let students discuss the issue. They’ll treat them as “kids” – you said a bad word and must go in time out – and wonder why they (particularly the administration) aren’t respected.

And then they can suspend students, based on hearsay, for suggesting something many people is a smart piece of the total solutions.

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