Which law do I get to break?

As only a 3rd generation American, and having grown up in an area with a very large proportion of 1st and 2nd generation Americans (my city was mostly Italian and Polish, but not exclusively), I truly appreciate diverse cultures and backgrounds. In the military I served in Korea and Turkey, as well, and respect both their cultures. I welcome LEGAL immigrants with open arms.

So, I get to thinking about those who want to allow illegals an “amnesty” or a path to citizenship. Okay, but I ask this. If they get to break laws on their way to citizenship, which do I get to break? Aren’t we about being treated equally?

For those who point out in the past I have said we are not all equal, I meant it. There’s a difference between being equal and being treated equally. There’s also a difference between being treated equally and having equal abilities.

If I’m to be treated equally, I would expect I can break at least one law, and not expect punishment at all. I might carry a weapon on to federal property. I might fail to file taxes one year. I might embezzle millions. Where is the limit? What is the determining factor?

Close the borders. Allow as many LEGAL immigrants as we can handle. Do NOT let Vicente Fox determine how we should run the USA. Listen to the PEOPLE of the USA.

Opposition to illegal immigration is NOT racism. It’s respect for the Rule of Law. Oh, by the way, the Rule of Law is something you’re supposed to know to become a citizen.

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