OMG! She said “rush”

On the other day, I read something about dirty rush. Now, I don’t even know what they might have been discussing, as no one has said anything but “dirty rush” without explaining specifics. I’m not even sure it’s happening on any of the campuses mentioned, because rumor seems to be the order of the day.

But “is not point”. Point is, someone wrote something to the effect of “never mind someone printing objects with the word “rush” in today’s day and age …” Never mind the fact we expect these young women to make a decision in 4-6 days, and we choose or cut them in less (ooooh – she said “cut” – that might be violent). We can’t use that word “in today’s day and age.”

Oh, please.

Another word some special-interest group wants banned because it might mean something offensive to 26 groups that once upon a time didn’t want these poor little girls to feel rushed. Just like they don’t say “pledge” because heaven forbid we let the girl know we mean for her to make a real promise. One she keeps.

I can’t get over the words we’re forcing ourselves not to use in some feel-good imitation of “doing what’s right”. It’s better to use “potential new member” than “rushee” – I guess because we’d rather treat her like a job applicant than a sister. Or perhaps we’d be “hazing” if we “make” her “promise.”

Is it any wonder there are houses that lose 25-50% of pledge classes (oh, new member classes) before graduation?

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