HR 3835

Which I would link for you, but treats links as a new search and often will inform the new searcher that the search has timed out.

Anyway, this bill (submitted 11/5/07, so not nearly enough time to get it on the real agenda and voted on in this legislative session, but such that a representative can claim to have “initiated legislation”, and fortunately, co-sponsored only by 2, one of whom is a nearly certifiable lunatic) states, in part:


    No civilian or military tribunal of the United States shall admit as evidence statements extracted from the defendant by torture or coercion.

Note, no definitions.  Imagine.  You can no longer urge a defendant to implicate his cohorts, because that might be coercion.  Imagine the unintended consequences.

Just for fun, go read the whole bill.  Simply go to and enter HR 3835 in the “search bills” box.  Don’t forget to check “by number” because the default is by word or phrase, and it won’ t find the number that way.  It reads like a note passed by one high-schooler to chastise another.  I know Congress is childish and inane, and this simply highlights the fact.

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  1. I think Ron Paul is the man! He is far more in touch with intellectual thinkers, and people who live and breath freedom, and thats why he has supporters who will go to any length to spread his ideas. Today in America we have a failed government. FAILED! We are in debt over our head, the dollars value keeps deteriorating because of run away inflation, private intrest groups undermine our legislation process, and as Americans we are left with less freedoms, a poorer economy, and from the top down a corrupted, intrusive, manipulative government. Enough is Enough! Ron Paul all the way. By the people for the people. If you want to live in a dictatorship congradulations your all ready on the way, if you want your freedoms back jump on the ban wagon, cause we ain’t stoppin.

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