Congress and baseball????

This Congress.   Yes, this one.

The one that has a “mandate” to fix things.  The one elected to “clean house” and to “restore ethics” to Washington.  The one with all the pork, that can’t get budgets passed because they won’t listen to the administration (granted, sometimes they shouldn’t, but they need to work together).  The one that had to resort to legislative tricks to avoid adjourning because they won’t get work done.

Yes, this Congress, can spend time worried about whether someone in baseball lied.

How would they know?  Unless they subscribe to the “takes one to know one” theory.

And what’s worse is that in a poll today (on Fox News, so no telling what that says), 51% of respondents said baseball can’t clean up their act without congressional intervention.

Anyone think they can clean it up WITH congressional intervention?

It’s amazing what Congress can do when they stick their noses into things.  Maybe it makes them feel good – they have to do something, I guess.

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