I propose eliminating the letter “N” from the alphabet

First, there comes the connotation of “nigger” that not only is it not polite to use in reference to someone, but we can’t quote, reference, or say it, or admit the word exists.

Next, images… Noose is about to become the “N picture”. See this. I don’t even read the magazine, but who on this planet of the gods can possibly look at the image of a noose and make it racist?

Were nooses used in a number of racial attacks? Yes. They were also used for frontier justice – much more effective than what we get today, IMHO. They are used, in some form, in hunting (and at least limited evidence indicates that to be the case since caveman times).

A noose is no more a racial symbol than anything else. It, and the confederate flag, have been vilified in the name of making “someone” “feel good.”

I say enough.

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