What happened to logic?

Governor Kaine quote:

“These gun shows provide a very easy and public means” for criminals to get guns, he said. “There are those who apparently think it’s fine for a felon to have a gun. They usually won’t stand up and say that, because they’d be laughed out of the room, but that’s apparently what they believe.”

This is a man who’s been a lawyer for years.  One would think he’d have the ability to read and synthesize information.  Perhaps logic should be emphasized in law school.  No one wants a violent or dangerous felon to have a gun.  Using the argument in this manner indicates the level to which he’s willing to stoop.

Statistics show between 0.4 and 0.7 percent of guns used in violent crimes have come from gun shows.  In at least half those cases,  I’d bet (I’ve never seen a statistic on it), they come from dealers, who DO background checks.  Some are straw purchases.  You can’t hold a dealer liable for a straw purchase IF he had no way to tell.  But most dealers don’t sell the cheap guns – the ones the bad guy can buy on a street corner (often stolen) for $150.  And the number of individuals who sell one or two guns – long guns or handguns – at gun shows is small.

Then, Kaine is using this so-called “loophole” (I sure wish he’d look up that definition) ostensibly to prevent another Tech.  But Cho didn’t buy his guns at a gun show.  He passed a background check – and waited over 30 days (per Virginia law) to buy his second!

Dangerous felons don’t go to gun shows to buy weapons.  They’re too easily available elsewhere, where the only background check used is “Did you bring the cash?”   And if you think someone who really wants a gun is going to wait 8-15 weeks for the next gun show in his area, you’re smoking the same stuff as the governor.

Of course, Virginia has another in the wings.  Let’s make BRANDISHING a firearm into a FELONY  (HB 1338) .  That way, if someone sees me removing my firearm from my car safe and placing it in my purse, or on my belt, and gets all holier-than-thou about it, and calls it in, I have the burden of defending myself against a FELONY charge.   Now, I agree, in principle if not in specifics, with our brandishing laws; they serve a purpose.  But FELONY?  C’mon.  Where’s the common sense?  It’s in trying to keep people from buying guns, whether at a gun show or not.

I truly feel for the VT victims.  Some were intelligent, and capable of thinking for themselves, and would, I’m certain, be outraged at the use people are  making of their memories.   Had one of them held a gun, perhaps there would have been fewer than 32 of them.

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