Truth maligned

A video recreated at  attempts to malign the individuals who observed the Lie-In at Richmond, VA’s capitol building last Monday.  Why would someone protest and then be upset that the spectators weren’t invited?

The video is recreated thanks to the fact the original poster didn’t open comments or ratings.  The re-posting allows both.

Compare to this one, with audio:

Others, also with full audio and not just the apparently extraneous laughter the original wanted highlighted is posted at:

Having seen all of these, I cannot imagine what frame of mind it would take someone to post that original.  If it weren’t for these others, you would not know that the great majority of those standing were objecting to the original protest.  You would believe the counter-protestors, for lack of a better word, were unruly, disrespectful, and vile.  Nothing could be further from the truth, as you’ll see in the other videos.

I long for true dialog.  For days when the Brady Bunch doesn’t have to spin its message because they can’t use logic.  For days when someone at MMM goes to a gun show, and then discusses the facts behind sales.  For days they don’t have to bolster their message with speakers whose message has nothing to do with a sale at a gun show.

I truly would like to discuss.  I tried last Monday, but the one woman who would speak to me mistook redundancy for persuasion, and when I still didn’t buy the line after about the tenth time she repeated it, she held up her hand and walked away.

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