What is it they don’t get?

Category:  STUPID POLITICIANS – the redundancy is worth it.

What movie is it one of the characters asks “Are you MENTAL?”  I wanted to ask that after reading this e-mail, but realized it would be insulting to the mentally retarded to compare them to this.

Got this e-mail today:

Tess,Governor Romney I just want to thank you for being an early supporter of my campaign.

You recognize the importance of electing a Washington outsider with the experience, vision and values to confront our nation’s challenges, and with your help, your fellow Americans are quickly joining our effort.

With Mayor Giuliani’s disappointing finish in the Florida primary – a state where he dedicated most of his time and resources – this race has come down to a contest between me and Senator McCain.

And with victories in Nevada, Michigan, and Wyoming, and strong second-place showings in Florida, Iowa, and New Hampshire, it’s clear that I’m the only candidate with the broad-based support to unite the coalitions within the Republican Party.

You have come through time and again, and now, I must ask for your support at this exciting time.  We’ve done so well in the early states, but in just one week, we will face an unprecedented challenge – 21 states will hold their nominating contests!

That’s right.  I need the resources necessary to take my message to 21 states in just one week.

If you can contribute $500, $250, $100, $50, even $25 or any amount you can afford, it will be so appreciated and go a long way to clinching the nomination … and then the White House.

I have the energy and the right combination of business background and strong family values and leadership experience.  It’s going to take a strong, determined approach to ensure liberal initiatives fail and conservative principles prevail, and our nation heads in a positive direction.

Can I count on you today?  Any amount you can give will be so helpful.

Thank you so very much,

Mitt Romney

P.S.  Please contribute $500, $250, $100, $50, even $25 or any amount you can afford.  Also, you may ask your friends and family to contribute as well.  There’s no better time than the present to make history and keep American moving on a path to strength and prosperity.  Thanks again.

Of course, this is AFTER I wrote to the campaign to say he got it wrong on guns, gay marriage, and abortion.  I would have liked to support him, and would have done so had he not pandered to what he thinks is the Republican Party base.  I like his business acumen, and wanted him to know this is one registered Republican who would not be supporting his campaign.

When Romney first announced, I was prepared to get behind him.  The more I looked, the more I disliked, and I let him know early in the campaign.

Desperation smells funny.

Mind you, I don’t particularly care for McCain, though he’s looking like the least of all evils.  Huckabee is a preacher and Ron Paul a kook (and a hypocrite).

Is there a single person I could vote FOR?  I dream of that day.

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