Louisiana Officials Abet Crime

Louisiana elected officials prohibit guns in college campuses: http://www.legis.state.la.us/lss/lss.asp?doc=78741

Louisiana Technical College officials have a policy: http://www.ltc.edu/assets/596ViolenceintheWorkplace.pdf

Baton Rouge first-responders arrived within four minutes after the first 911 call.  How long was that after the first shot?

The story:

Student Kills 2, Self at La. College
Friday February 8, 2008 7:01 PM
Associated Press Writer

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – A 23-year-old woman killed two fellow students in a classroom at a vocational college Friday, then killed herself, police said.

The women apparently were shot in their seats in the second-floor classroom at Louisiana Technical College, Baton Rouge Sgt. Don Kelly said. About 20 people were in the room at the time, he said.

Officers ran into the building within four minutes of the first 911 call, which came at 8:36 a.m., Kelly said.

“There was mass pandemonium, people running,” he said. “One officer – the first into the classroom – told me he could still smell gunpowder.”

Police withheld the names of the shooter and the victims, ages 21 and 26, until their families could be notified.

The school – one of two LTC campuses in Baton Rouge and dozens around the state – offers classes in a dozen subjects including early childhood education, practical nursing, drafting and welding.

School administrators and campus police did not immediately return calls or e-mails.

Louis Davis, who said he was taking an automobile technology class Friday morning, said a teacher told the students to stay in class because there had been an incident, without adding details. Students had to stay in their classrooms for about two hours and were briefly questioned by police before being released for the day, he said.

Classes were canceled through Tuesday, and tentatively scheduled to resume Wednesday, said Jim Henderson, vice president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System.

“This is a tragic day for Baton Rouge, when you come to a learning institution … and become the victim of a violent crime,” Mayor Kip Holden said at the scene.

Granted, even a reasonably alert armed citizen might not be able to stop a gunman who fires 2-3 shots.  Had this been another VT, however, Louisiana officials should remain culpable; they had effectively disarmed those who were in a position to help.

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  1. I’m supposed to be impressed that the police got there in time to smell the gunpowder? A little too late is still too late. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. We MUST BE ALLOWED TO DEFEND OURSELVES. There will always be criminals so there must always be those willing and able to stop them.

  2. In Nov. of 2005 while attending my mother’s funeral, her abusive boyfriend of too many years showed up and proceeded to get into a disagreement with many of my mother’s family members. He became enraged and ran to his car where he grabbed a 38 and then ran back to where the guests were standing. He pointed the gun at 7 people (they were standing on the sidewalk, and he positioned himself in front of all 7 people before pulling the gun). He began screaming “I am going to kill all of you mother…..ers”. The funeral director came out the side door and tackled him and got the gun away from him before he could fire into the crowd. Now- the most ridiculous part; the police were called, only one officer arrived and this is what happened: the cop took the loaded gun took a statement from the guest who had phoned the police, and then left. There was no arrest, the gunman was left at the services and to this day (as of March of 2008) the gunman Donald L. Bissell of Shreveport has still not been arrested or charged in this case. I had just lost my mother, and came close to losing 7 other family members; but I guess in La. the good ol’ boys figure “boys will be boys” and I guess that mean it is O.K. for them to point guns at people while threatening thier lives!! Shame on Louisiana!!! My name is Tisha Garver and I would love to hear from anyone who has a similiar story- my number is (904) 207-3282!
    Shouldn’t this man have been charged with 7 counts of a class D felony????

    • In Louisiana it is only a misdemeanor to point a gun at someone. It is, however, a felony if the gun is discharged. Louisiana has an odd and archaic legal system (not to mention their notorious reputation of corruption).

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