I am not a Republican, either, but …

As I read through news reports over the past few days, it struck me that we as a society have become the nation of do-overs.  This was truly obvious in the Florida and Michigan Democratic primaries, but it affects the subprime lender bailouts, Amtrak, and hundreds of others throughout the years.

Let’s see.  Florida and Michigan both had to play bratty brother.  They didn’t want Iowa and New Hampshire to get all the attention, so they acted out.  In response, Mama DNC said “You won’t be rewarded with delegates.”  The states held their primaries anyway.  Does anyone REALLY think the Democrats would remain firm with the “no delegates if you can’t play by the rules” decision?  Not hardly.  Florida and Michigan knew they’d get do-overs.  Maybe not primaries, but I’m here to wager that some or all of their delegates are seated with votes come Denver.

Now, subprimes.  People are losing homes.  I’m truly sorry for them, on the one hand.  However,  there is no constitutional right to own a home.   People got in over their heads, and now want someone to bail them out.  If you can’t read and understand a mortgage document, or get someone to explain it to you, what the hell are you doing buying a house?  You have a job that was hurt by an economic slowdown?  Should have thought of that when you signed a 30-year mortgage note – or even a 15.  Not all of those years are going to be good ones.  You (probably) deserve a place to live.   Food, clothing, and shelter, are the requirements.   You plan for “what if I lose my job” and you have a backup.  That’s called being a responsible citizen.  Why should the government prohibit commercial lenders from enforcing valid contracts?

Oh, it’s a nanny state.

I don’t want to live there.

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