PTA opposes safety training

ProShooter writes on a forum at

My company does firearms safety classes for concealed carry permits. My son’s school is currently seeking local business donations for their annual Harvest Social. I offered to donate one firearms safety class ($60 value).

I just got a call from the PTA president who said that they were turning down my donation because anything to do with firearms “does not comport with the national PTA guidelines”…..

Anything to do with firearms….. hmmm…..

The second amendment to the US Constitution, perhaps?

The US Military, perhaps?

State, local, federal, etc. police officers?

Reminds me of the “Why we banned Legos” story.  I don’t like what you’re teaching, so I’ll ban it.

But can anyone PLEASE, PLEASE enlighten me why teaching someone to do something safely doesn’t comport with PTA guidelines?  We’d rather they do things unsafely???

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  1. National PTA’s guidelines for accepting donations or sponsorships prohibits the organization from accepting funds from companies affiliated with the sale or manufacture of alcohol, firearms, tobacco or adult content.

  2. My name is Jim Reynolds and I am the President of Proactive Shooters, LLC.
    I am also the author of the comments regarding the donation refusal. Suffice it to say that I am flabbergasted at the response by my local PTA. How many times have I seen wine and cheese baskets donated? Many. How many restaurants that sell alcohol have donated gift certificates? Many.

    Their policy says that they are prohibited from accepting “funds”. I did not offer to donate funds, I offered a gift certificate for a firearms safety class. My company is not “affiliated” with the sale or manufacture of guns, I merely train people who have purchased a gun from a firearms dealer who bought the gun from a gun manufacturer.

    To imagine that the PTA would be against any kind of safety class is mind boggling. Imagine if I operated a driving school and offered a driver safety class. Could you imagine MADD advising the school to turn down my donation because drunk drivers kill people with cars?

  3. Well, thank you National PTA. I have been rather unhappy with your leftist positions since a school age lad myself. Now I have reason to petition my school system, the school board and the local parents to withdraw from the PTA and form an independent association. The children are already receiving horrid education and exorbitant cost thanks to the NEA, AFT and the PTA. If the National PTA would spend your time supporting education rather than trying to indoctrinate our children into PTA’s, NEA, AFTs leftist/socialist vision we would all get along fine. But you have FAILED in your primary objective to teach our children. Our children are as ignorant and stupid as the PTA leadership. Congratulations. Home schooling looks better and better.

  4. Forgot to add:

    Those who can’t do, teach.
    Those who can’t teach, teach phys ed.
    Those who can’t teach phys ed become government school administrators.
    Those who can’t get a job as government school administrators apparently lead the PTA.

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