Blame the tool

Another person has come out for blaming the tool for a death.  This time, it wasn’t a gun, it was a motorcycle that killed someone.

Nathan Townsend was killed last week when he lost control of a motorcycle and ran over a cliff.  His riding companion indicated he may have had a mechanical problem.  Story here.

But according to Townsend’s father, these motorcycles (sport bikes) shouldn’t be on the road.  Note he didn’t say his son shouldn’t have been riding one.  Note he didn’t question his son on a borrowed motorcycle.  Note he doesn’t mention a rider’s high susceptibility to injury or death in case of mechanical failure.  This young man, only 20, had already survived a severe motorcycle accident, and had borrowed this one.  So he was not familiar with it.

But the father blames the tool:

He said that after last year’s crash, his son decided not to buy another motorcycle.

“Those sports bikes are just too powerful,” Steven Townsend said. “They’re too much for anybody to be on the road on. They should only be for racetracks.”

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