Ponderments …

Yes, I know.  But since this is whatever I think about whenever I happen to think about it, this is what I was thinking about …

If you believe I am a mean, evil, nasty person … does that make me a mean, evil, nasty person?  What is the standard?

I was reading a letter to the editor that succeeded so well in conflating the right-to-life issue with the right-to-own-guns issue that I was unable to separate them (and separate them I must for the purpose I was investigating, but that’s another story).  The writer apparently believes if a woman chooses abortion, she is an evil person.  But is she?  Someone else might not believe she is.

Of course, that gets to the “is abortion murder?” and “is murder wrong?” arguments, neither of which I wish to engage at this time.
But just because I believe someone to be mean and evil does not make him mean an evil, except in my mind.  He is what he is.  I can make multiple choices in my behavior toward that person – from shunning to reporting (in the cases where belief and law converge) to elimination – but I need to understand and accept the consequences of my action.  Or do I?  I need to accept, certainly.  The law has said I need to understand in order to be held accountable, but that’s also another thread of the issue.

No answers.  Just ponderings.

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