DC Gun ban …

Only the police in DC are allowed to have guns.

This story details the deadliest night in history … overshadowing the “deadliest weekend” they marked earlier this year.  Read the comments with the story; some are awesome.

An overnight spasm of violence in the District ended near dawn yesterday with seven men dead and three wounded, including a triple slaying after a street argument, a drive-by shooting near an elementary school, a deadly domestic dispute and a crap game that ended in a fusillade of bullets, police said.

But guns are banned in DC.  However could this happen?  Only the police have guns.  Their ban should certainly keep the criminals from obtaining guns, shouldn’t it?

Some comments:

What criminal in his right mind would carry a gun when DC laws forbid it!!!!!!!

He would have to be INSANE!!!!!!!!! A guy who would carry a gun in DC, against the LAW, would be crazier than Hitler, Pol Pot, Ghengis Khan, Hannibal Lecter, the Predator and Jeffrey Dahmer COMBINED!

So please crimnals, turn in your guns. You are not allowed to own them because their is a law against it. It couldn’t be more clear.

ronjaboy wrote:
They should ban guns in the District, then criminals wouldn’t have them and could be prosecuted if they did.

Mayor Fenty thinks this is important, apparently …

“We owe this community a more concentrated effort,” Fenty said.

Such efforts have been promised before after similar spates of gun violence. Twice in April, the mayor and police officials ordered beefed-up patrols in some of the areas besieged this weekend.

But he’s made that promise before, as has Chief Lanier.

Yep, their gun ban works.

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  1. Limiting Constitutional rights(as if they legally can)weakens the framework of any society, whether it be a district, state or country.

    The people of DC should exercise the 2ndA to the fullest Constitutional extent. Presenting a law enforcement/strong civilian front is the only way in which to take back their city.

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