Guess I didn’t have the right “comment”

On Faux Fox news’ site, one can find this – Hillary’s “poor me, the glass ceiling got me” speech.

Comments are open.  I commented on Saturday.
But my comment basically said “Not a glass ceiling; you’re simply not the one who should be president.”

Since it wasn’t boo-hoo enough, it didn’t get printed.  Only those that praise her royal highness, I guess, will get through moderation.

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  1. The liberal media and the democratic party can’t believe that you could not vote for a woman because you did not agree with what she stands for. The only reason anyone would not vote for a woman would be they are against women period. The same is true for a black person. If you don’t vote for them you have to be a racist. You could not possibly disapprove of their stand on the issues. These are the same people who are so mad their candidate did not get the nomination, they are going to jump ship. Is there somekind of sexism and/or racism? Of course not, these people are not capable of being either sexis or racist

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