The Red Cross wants my support, and Alexandria grins

But they want it their way.

They’ll rope off a section of a city, call it their own, charge me $15 to enter, flaunt state laws, and search me in the interest of “national security.”  I don’t think so.

After Katrina, I started donating heavily to the Red Cross.  Some people needed their help; FEMA wasn’t going to do it.  Then other disasters where people needed immediate help.  No longer.

First, the Red Cross decided since I lived overseas for a year – at Uncle Sam’s behest – and ate beef imported to Turkey from Britain – I may be a carrier of mad cow disease, so I can’t donate blood.  Okay, I was a 2-gallon donor, and well on my way higher, but ….   Let them cry about their needs, but exclude all the soldiers who used to be among their biggest contributors.  Not my worry.

Then, they started posting all their donation sites with “No Firearms” signs.  Well, anyone who knows me knows how that went over.

Now this.

What’s worse, a citizen wrote to a member of Alexandria city council, explaining this event flaunts state preemption laws about carry of firearms.  Mr Justin Wilson wrote back that this is a Red Cross event, and to contact them with concerns.  Nothing like a councilmember abdicating his responsibilities.

Anyway, I’ve quit supporting the Red Cross, and I’ll be following up with comments to the Alexandria council.  Perhaps I’ll visit a council meeting, though they don’t have another open for public comment until September (gotta love that too!).

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