More on the City of Alexandria

I haven’t looked up all the members yet, but one Justin Wilson is a real piece of work.

I wrote about the City of Alexandria not caring that the Red Cross was ignoring Virginia’s preemption statute. Member Justin Wilson responded to more than one citizen, more than once, reiterating this is not a City issue. Apparently, he doesn’t know his responsibilities, no matter what he says. Or maybe there’s some tucked-away portion of the Commonwealth code that says City officials don’t have to obey state law, or something.  But his web site says ‘I will be accessible and accountable.’  Wouldn’t you love to hear his definitions of each?

Not sure what else I’ll be doing about this yet, but I want to do something. The event is over now, and Alexandria steadfastly refuses to remove preempted sections from their City code. Aaaaargh.

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