‘Nother one

Here’s another group that doesn’t believe what you work for should be yours.   Socialism has many different names lately.

This group believes in an equal educational opportunity for everyone, but if you squander it, or if, frankly, you simply haven’t the talent to progress far, you should reap the benefit of someone else’s talent and hard work.  In their statement of beliefs they state: “We believe in the elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty, in a progressive tax system based on the ability to pay…”

Mind you – I agree everyone deserves and equal opportunity.  I also believe not everyone has equal talent or ability – and to each according to his abilities.  Not everyone has the right, for example, to own a home.  You might have a right to adequate shelter and the ability to defend yourself in your home if necessary, but adequate shelter does not mean a single-family house with a yard, in the suburbs, that you can’t afford.

Oh, that statement of beliefs also wants a quota system for local authorities.

Anyone who wants to claim status as a victim, the group is taking sign-ups now.

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