Politicians get more slick by the minute, eh?

Yesterday I went to the Balloon Rally at VMI – hot air balloons, bluegrass, and fireworks.

In the crafts/charities/info booths were both the Democratic and Republican parties.  After I managed to see about a gazillion Democrat buttons and balloons, I thought there needed to be some balance, so I was going to go get a McCain button (yeah, I know, but he is my anti-socialism vote).

The buttons were “Free with a $1 Donation“.

How like a political party.

But it got me wondering – is this part of how each party is claiming to be “of the people” – small donations seem to be the status symbol this election cycle, and each $1 donation counts.

Slicker than owl snot, I say.

Didn’t get a button, either.

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  1. I don’t think contractors can donate to campaigns.

  2. Not sure what you mean. Anyone can donate to a campaign.

    The Hatch act restricts what Federal employees can do, and what individuals employed on Federal property can do within the conditions of their employment, etc.

  3. Aha, I was mistaken (and have been wrong for years now, I guess.) The link here: https://www.johnmccain.com/Contribute/ContributeA.aspx has a clause “(4) I am not personally a federal-government contractor (employees of government contractors may contribute)”. I have never seen the clause worded this way before, it has always been worded “I am not a federal contractor”. The way this is worded now on McCain’s website… I take it to mean “I am not a “one-person-company” in the contractual employment of the federal government”. We have some of those types where I work, a person who incorporated themselves for contract work with the feds.

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