On Obama and Jackson … mostly Jackson

So Jesse Jackson, that paragon of virtue, once again sticks his foot in his mouth … and demonstrates his inner nature.

Some have said anyone with an open mike can be caught saying things that could embarrass him.  This is so very very true.

What Jackson said, though, once again reveals his hating nature.  Jackson has no respect for anyone — white, black, hispanic, asian — who doesn’t step up and kiss his ass.  And I’m not so sure about those who do.

No one should be saying that kind of thing about another human being, at least one who’s not a pedophile or rapist.  It’s utter disrespect for a human being.  But it’s typical Jesse Jackson.

The fact that Obama sat at the table with him and didn’t call for him to be ostracized says much about Obama.  Obama will not call for people to do what’s right.   He’ll make nice to play to the black community.

Obama — Jesse Jackson represents the WORST, not the best, of the black community.  You don’t need him any more than you need any other hating, disrespectful person you’ve championed.

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