No, it won’t reduce crime statistics

In about a year, perhaps less, Mayor Fenty, Chief Lanier, AG Nickles, and the Brady Bunch are going to be crowing about how the Supreme Court decision in DC v Heller did nothing to reduce crime in the District.  You see, they have to blame it on someone.

The Heller case was narrowly framed, on purpose.  The decision allows handguns (well, some handguns) in the home, for self-defense only.

Most of DC’s gun violence is gangbangers and criminals, outside.  Relatively few cases involve home invasion.  So it is to be expected that relatively few homeowners can defend themselves given the limited circumstances of possession.  (I won’t even get in to the “threat of immediate harm” joke)

So, in a year, perhaps less, the Mayor will say he was right all along (though he hasn’t really changed anything, and has attempted to thumb his nose at the Supreme Court), and the chief will be counting the illegal firearms confiscated (as she does now – wasn’t it 2600 last year?).  The Brady mouthpieces will be saying they’ve disproved John Lott – that an increase in private gun ownership does not lead to a decrease in crime, and there will be a concerted effort (media, council, Brady Bunch, etc.)  to convince DC residents and the world that all is right in Nirvana.

I’m not psychic.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

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  1. I’ve been thinking along these same lines as well. I’ve even thought of drafting a LTE for the WP on the 1 year ann to debunk illogical arguments that are sure to appear on those pages.

  2. Thanks for the information on crime statistics. That’s politics for you I guess. This whole gun thing is intersting though.

    We recently wrote an article on crime statistics at Brain Blogger. Did you know that outside the US, there are hardly any statistics on murderous people and acts? And so how does this affect how justice systems in other countries? Does it work as well as it does in the US without the violent information?

    We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


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