My cynical readings of the news – still

If I read this correctly, Obama is going to use the convention to woo “disenfranchised” voters.  I think he defines “disenfranchised” as “those who would vote for me.”

Like many politicians, he seems to be treating Americans as demographics, not as people.  I can’t see the respect for individuals here.  Sure, he may want to register the poor, the hispanic/latino, the native american, and the unemployed communities, but what has he done for them UNTIL now?  He’s saying “I need your vote” although he’s couching it in terms of “we’ll bring you into the family.”

His opponent isn’t a rock star, and won’t fill a stadium with Hollywood types.  If he’s smart, he’ll go out for non-registered citizens as well as those who are registered to vote.  But, unfortunately, you don’t win elections by telling people you think they’re smart enough to make up their own mind.  (Nor do you win elections by comparing your opponent to a tabloid star, even if it is true.

Democrats are NOT the only ones who play to demographics only in election years, of course.  The candidate I’ll likely cast a ballot for in November for VA Attorney General has done the same thing (wooing the right-wing Christians with a pro-life, anti-gay message, though he’s running for a position to UPHOLD the law, not make it) and ignoring the fact that voters are individuals.

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