“America’s” Townhall? Surely you jest

The Democrats are sponsoring “America’s Townhall” during their convention. They’re inviting questions. Not dialogue, mind you, only questions. Only one little problem. They sort of limit what you can talk about.  From their website:

Submissions may be video or text. Submissions must not: (i) include trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material not owned by entrant or used without permission (such as company names, music, photographs, works of art, or images published on or in websites, television, movies, or other media);
(ii) use individuals’ names, in whole or in part (including the entrant’s last name) without permission;
(iii) contain profanity, pornographic, or sexual content, content promoting alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms, or weapons, hateful content of any kind (including racism, sexism, etc.), content that promotes violence or harm to another living creature, or any other offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content;
(iv) defame, misrepresent, or contain disparaging remarks about other people or companies, including, but not limited to 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, Inc. (“DNCC”), Democratic Party, Democratic National Committee, and their affiliated organizations;
(v) contain materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs, or other identifying elements of any person, living, or dead without permission.

Let’s see. Prohibited are:

  • Images published on websites. But if you have a youtube video of yourself asking a question, submit that. It defies their rule.
  • Individuals’ names. So you have to ask your question anonymously if there’s a chance anyone else in the English-speaking world has your name.
  • Profanity. Guess that lets out Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Jesse Jackson.
  • Sexual content. Guess that lets out Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, or any discussion of whether sex played a part in the primary races.
  • Food. Can’t talk about eating broccoli (oh, that’s Republican anyway), because that’s harm to a living thing.
  • Disparaging comments about the Democrats. Apparently, though they don’t say so, about Republicans either, but I’ll have to read transcripts before I’ll believe that one.
  • Tobacco, or firearms, or drugs, or pornography. Yep, those are all in the same category, all right.

Sounds like they want a lot of videos of people asking in what key one sings Kumbaya. I like how they lump all these “evil” things together (tobacco and firearms, for example). Guess they won’t take a question on their views of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, eh?

In other words, they’re controlling people’s questions so they can control the answers. And they want to control a COUNTRY for at least four years.

Congressional elections are going to be critical for the next couple of decades. We’ll have to counter what the Democrats are doing and are prepared to do.

For the record, the Republicans aren’t MUCH better. More on that later.

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