Intellectual laziness

I’ve found this a lot lately.  Comments like this (posted from The Conservative Voice because the story under the headline changed on the AP pages):

Sally Powless, a delegate from Toledo, Ohio … I’ll tell ya, it’s energy,” she said. “It’s being among all these Democrats. You know everybody thinks the way you think. You can get into a conversation about things that are important for you and know you’re not going to get into a confrontation.”

If things are important to you, why aren’t you willing to discuss them with people who disagree?  Why must it be a confrontation?  Speaking only to those who agree with you (reminiscent of a certain Million Mom meeting I tried to attend) really is the height of intellectual laziness.  It implies you aren’t comfortable enough of your viewpoint to be able to discuss it rationally.

It’s been my experience that those who must confront issues, rather than discussing them, are arguing from emotion, and are unwilling to let facts stand in their way.  Confrontation is their childish way of trying to get their way.

Do Democrats all think alike?  I know not all my acquaintances of the donkey persuasion think alike, not even on the “big” issues.

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