No promise is a good promise? I think not.

Michael Jarve is another who doesn’t understand gun rights, but campaigns on them.  He thinks NoBama won’t take away his guns, so none of us should be wary:

‘Tell me where Senator Obama says ‘I want stricter controls on who can hunt and when’ or ’I want to ban shotguns and rifles,’’’ said Jarve, a member of Obama’s Minnesota sportsmen chapter. ‘‘Where has he said that? He hasn’t.’’

Jarve, 27, has been a hunter since accompanying his father on a partridge hunt when he was 3.

What are we doing wrong in our schools when people will believe campaign rhetoric over facts?  Or, what Jarve refers to — lack of words.  Notice even he is smart enough to limit his remarks to shotguns and rifles.  Maybe he’s unaware there are other classes of guns?

Mr Jarve – what about my 9mm handgun?  Show me where Mr. Obama thinks I have the RIGHT to carry that, despite the Supreme Court’s assertion.  Tell me where Mr. Obama disagrees with the UN report which states there is no human right to self-defense and that insufficient gun control is a violation of human rights. Tell me that, and back it up with a record, and THEN I’ll believe.

Mr Jarve, you’re seeing what you want to see, which means no one will be able to argue with you.  I want the rest of the world to know, though, that there are those of us here who WILL stand up for their basic human rights.

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