Where are you?

I’d been considering whether stated positions (often belied by records) and records are the most important in a president, or whether character, courage, and vision are more important.

I’ve made my choice, but will be taking much more care in congressional, state, and local elections, which I believe are more important.

So it interested me to see this quiz – who do you agree with most – to see where my opinions line up with the major candidates.  Unfortunately, there is no “neither” option.  Unsurprisingly, of the 13 questions, I scored 7 and 6.  On my highest-priority issues, either each candidate was quoted as saying nearly the same thing as the other, or there was no question.  I did find a common thread in my answers — keep the federal government OUT of most issues, since big government is worse than no government, in my opinion.  But candidates are careful to phrase things when they’re in an election fight, so these really aren’t representative.  And given our system of government, we have to look at what IS a state’s issue, and what is federal.

Anyway, I found it amusing.  Maybe you will too.

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