Gun Rights Policy Conference

First, thanks to the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for sponsoring this conference for the 23rd year.

I flew to Phoenix for a weekend just for this conference.  I can state I will make every effort to attend in the future.  While many of the attendees are people who have known each other for years and are willing to listen to each other speak – a lot – they all have something worthwhile to say.  It’s well worth hearing the top dozen or so pat each other on the back, simply because there are so many worthwhile actions taken.

I’ll have my notes together and publish them once I polish up the formatting and grammar.  Mostly I kept stream-of-consciousness style notes with high points as the speakers mentioned them. Unfortunately, I had to leave early, and missed the final two panels on Sunday as well as the 2008 resolutions adopted.  Next year, with the conference to be held in either St Louis or Nashville, and with proper planning, I shall endeavor to catch the whole thing.

Thanks also to the folks from the Arizona Citizens Defense League … about half a dozen of them were among the people I spoke with at length.  They’re modeled after the Virginia Citizens Defense League, intentionally, as their treasurer is a former member of the Norhern Virginia Citizens Defense League, and still on the VCDL EM list.   I enjoyed speaking to you all.

I met 2nd amendment activists from California, Ohio, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, and Kentucky — and that’s only the people I spoke with.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find all states were represented, but I can’t know for sure.

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr spoke on Saturday.   He’s a friend to gun owners, there’s no doubt.  I simply wish a Libertarian had a realistic chance.  I’m not sure Barr is the right Libertarian candidate, either, but on guns he speaks truth.

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  1. Sorry, I must disagree that Barr has it 100% “right” when it comes to guns. He helped provide gun owners with such gems as the Lautenberg amendment:

    That video of Barr was prompted by Barr’s refusal to answer a simple question, and him running from anyone who asked it:

    Also, this “Libertarian” has brought us fun features such as the Patriot Act, Defense of Marriage Act, and Iraq war when he was a congressman. Libertarian indeed. I’ll be writing in RP’s name this Nov.

  2. Appreciate the correction. I have to admit some other things about Barr had led me to discount him long, long ago, and therefore I didn’t delve very deeply. He spoke well … and I fell into the trap.

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