I paid attention, for some reason

I just watched a commercial for http://www.wecansolveit.org — until now, I had not paid any attention to something that just screamed “green and nothing else”.

This … by WE CAN SOLVE IT dot ORG screams for someone ELSE to solve the problem!  Ya gotta love it.

But none of these socialists want to take any responsibility themselves.  They want “their leaders” to take care of them.

What a bunch of baby-assed wusses.  Let our mommies take care of us.  Daddy will do it.  I don’t have to take care of myself.  I’ll put my life in the government’s hands.    Oooohhh, take care of me.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Those who preach it are painted as insensitive bastards, but that’s another form of not havng to take responsibility for one’s own actions.  If you don’t to something for me, you’re “not fair”.

So anyone want to see what Congress for the past couple of years has tried to pass MORE legislation to put the government in charge???????

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