Guns in cars in employee parking lots – a gun issue?

The National Law Journal publishes this article saying employers are caught in the crossfire.  The issue, they believe, is that employees want to carry legal firearms and employers want to provide safe environments.

“They’re in the middle between an employee’s right to possess a firearm, and an obligation under to do everything they can to provide a safe workplace,” Annelli said. “That’s the crossfire.”

I think that’s malarkey.  That’s not crossfire.  That’s the misapplication of logic.  Let’s change it to gas cans — another item that can be used to cause severe damage at an employer’s workplace.  Is it a crossfire if an employee wants to carry a spare can of gas and the employer doesn’t want him to?  No.  As long as the gas is stored properly (a much more unlikely prospect than a gun being stored safely, I assert), there is no difference.

The issue is what is private property.  An employee’s vehicle does not cease to become his private property simply because it is parked on someone else’s property.  Unless the gun is embedded in the tire in such a way that it contacts the employer’s property, there is no question the gun, secured in an employee’s vehicle, is on private property of a consenting private-property owner, even if it’s parked in a company parking lot.

So long as carry of a properly secured firearm in a vehicle is legal in the state in question, I see no issue.  It seems another attempt by people to feel safe by banning additional liberties.

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