“Fact”check.org has blinders

Somewhat related to what I wrote the other day about the press.  Today I read (not from the original source):

[Many of NRA] TV spots and fliers also make claims that are directly contrary to what Obama actually says about guns.” Obama has also reassured voters that he has no intention or desire to take away their guns.

This is another instance of reporting what Obama has SAID rather than what he has DONE.  I believe Americans are capable of making up their own minds, IF you present all the facts.   At least they admitted:

Obama has spoken in favor of government registration of handguns, for example, but has not called for registration of all ‘firearms’ including hunting rifles and shotguns.

There’s the word — “spoken”.  From the man who voted against exempting from prosecution the individual who uses a handgun for defense in his home in Chicago, because the handgun wasn’t “properly registered”.  Or who has voted for every gun ban bill he’s seen.  The man who thinks your rights depend on where you live.

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