Stupidity, thy name is “do-gooder”

David Englin, Virginia State Delegate from Alexandria, has pre-filed state legislation that makes bullying illegal.  His web site boasts:

Englin’s legislation, House Bill 1624, would strengthen Virginia’s anti-bullying law by requiring school codes of conduct to prohibit “harassment and intimidation” as well as “bullying” and by adding specific language to the State Board of Education’s model code-of-conduct to prohibit bullying, harassment, and intimidation based on, among other things, actual or perceived physical or mental ability or disability.

I really want to know what THIS one’s going to cost.

Betcha my delegate, Amundson, supports this one too.  Makes me wonder if we couldn’t please, just once, outlaw stupidity.  But not by another freaking state law.

Combine this with last year’s legislation to take the medical term “mentally retarded” and replace it with “intellectually disabled” and this gives you an idea of the kinds of things our state delegation thinks are the most important issues facing Virginia.

When will people understand that legislation outlawing stupid behavior simply adds more words to the state code.  It does nothing to curb the behavior of the dipshit who’s going to bully someone – anyone – whether it be a mentally disabled, a physically challenged, or simply a smaller or weaker individual.  Bullies don’t get their kicks from obeying rules.

Imagine the anecdotes we’ll hear in a couple of years about zero-tolerance policies under this one.

The ARC sponsors this.  The ARC (used to be the Association of Retarded Citizens until it got PC) is a wonderful organization, that fights important battles.  And this one — a piece of feel-good, do nothing law whose only real effect is to cause state code to be re-written, and maybe keep a clerk in a job for another day.

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