How to exploit your husband


The Bush Administration has given the gun lobby a special last-minute gift — a very expensive one, … one that puts public safety at risk.

The Brady Center is taking action to stop it.  We need your help.

The Brady Center has filed a suit asking a federal court to strike down the Administration’s last-minute rule change to allow concealed, loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Please give a tax-deductible gift now to help us stop this unnecessary and dangerous ruling.  It will allow guns in rural and urban national park areas around the country …

… from Wyoming’s Yellowstone and California’s Yosemite to Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park, home of the Liberty Bell.

The Brady Center filed the suit on behalf of our Brady Campaign members, including school teachers in the New York  and Washington, D.C. areas who are canceling or curtailing school trips to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and the National Mall in Washington, D.C. now that the Bush Administration will allow guns in these national parks.

Click here to give today to support our efforts to keep our parks and wildlife refuges safe, to stop the gun lobby and the Bush Administration from enacting this last-minute ruling.

Sarah Brady, Chair

Also known as “we’d rather take your money and fight inanimate objects than deal with delusional criminals”.

Note the appeals to emotion — “children (and their teachers) are scared”  (and would rather cower than take responsibility for themselves).

Note the untruths:

  • Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are in New York, with onerous gun-control laws, and near-impossible-to-get carry permits — where under the proposed rules, guns would not be allowed anyway.
  • The National Mall, in DC, where even residents have to jump through hoops to keep locked, inoperable firearms in their own homes for self-defense.
  • In Philadelphia, where state law requires a concealed handgun permit in order for an individual to carry any firearm.

Note the short paragraphs, 42% of which ask you to send money.

Note the lie:  “last-minute ruling”.   The petition for rulemaking was initially brought forth two years ago, and the public comment period was extended twice.  (A link to the final rule)

Note the deliberate lack of information on numbers of people who have been ASSAULTED, ROBBED, RAPED, and/or KILLED  in National Parks in the last five years — when law-abiding citizens were prohibited from being armed.

Sarah has been exploiting James’ injuries for 25 years, and has garnered lots of money from it.  James is quoted as saying  “”He scares me,” Jim Brady says of Hinckley, “cause he doesn’t have 52 cards in his deck.””

Not “the guns scare me” or “gunmen scare me” — but Hinckley does.  As he should.  Sarah just spins it another way.

So take lessons.  This is how it’s done.

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