Stupid politicians, fearmongering again

Worried about permitted guns on the National Mall during inauguration?  Eleanor Holmes Norton is.   Never mind that there’s no such thing.  She apparently can’t read laws.

The regulation only applies to states or jurisdictions that allow concealed weapons, but D.C. doesn’t allow them. Therefore, since concealed weapons aren’t allowed, some say no one would carry a weapon to the inauguration, but Norton says the change in the law is confusing.

Now Norton spreading fearmongering that people will bring guns to the mall that day, since the national parks carry passed.   To her, it doesn’t matter that the rule requires the jurisdiction in which the park is located to allow concealed carry, and DC doesn’t.  She thinks people don’t read the laws.  Part of the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon is to know when and where it’s legal, but apparently law-abiding citizens can’t be trusted to know that.  (Well, Norton doesn’t trust ANY people, constituent or not.  Remember when she told an audience to shut up when they disagreed with her?)  But she’s done her part, now:

Norton says common sense or not, she feels a need to spread the word that either with or without a permit, concealed gun carriers can not being their weapon into D.C.

Big of her, ain’t it?

I won’t say no one will carry a weapon to the inauguration.  I’m saying law-abiding citizens won’t.  Those with half a brain know that DC will make an example of normal citizens who mistakenly cross the line into DC while carrying.  The ones they don’t bother with are the criminals who live and ply their trade within their own border.

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