We should have gone one better than celebrating a black president

I’ve been struggling with why the racist coverage of the election and inauguration were so very irritating to me.

Throughout much of my life, I’ve wondered how I could be not racist, given my parents and grandparents were.  I recall as a young teenager wondering how one could possibly decry another for something, such as the color of his skin, which he could not control.

It hit me.  We’re limiting ourselves.  As Americans, we have deliberately chosen to celebrate a black man in the White House when we have gone one better.  We have elected a man of mixed race, realizing that the color of his skin SHOULD have no effect on his beliefs.I don’t believe, in this case, he’s allowed himself to rise above race, but that’s another post.

Let me be clear.  I do not like Mr. Obama, his policies, or his politics.  I dislike what I’ve seen of the man, much as I disliked what I saw of Bill Clinton, recognizing the picture I see is simply what the media allows me to see.  Perhaps, were I to meet him, I’d change my mind.

I hope Mr. Obama fails in many of his challenges.  I believe he’s chosen the wrong priorities and causes for this point in our history.  And I despise his apparent willingness to allow racist coverage of his campaign and his election — he is in a position to make a positive statement against racism and has failed to do so.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

But I do like the fact we chose an American of mixed race.  So why hide it?  Why pretend he’s a black man’s president?  Why are we permitting people in the public eye, like rappers, to celebrate a “black” president?  Why are we telling stories about blacks selling their possessions for a one-day trip to DC like we should celebrate they chose to spend living money on a trip.  Why are we celebrating those who can see only the black?

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