More stupidity – publicize that which offends you

Came across this this morning while skimming headlines:

Plane Crash Game – Fun or Offensive?

The story starts:

Online gamers have been given the chance to become the “Hero of the Hudson” — but some have branded the video game as offensive.

So what?  When did “being offensive” become a crime?  It seems we’ve begun a nationwide movement where everyone has to get offended at something, and must lash out at those who offend them.

My world doesn’t work like that.  Be offended if you want.  Be offensive if you want.  If you offend me, I may say so.  I may publicly rant.  But we Americans cannot continue to run to the news media every time something offends our sensibilities.  All that does is give two dozen whack jobs in some podunk community an outlet for their outrage.

If something offends you, do something about it (something legal, for Pete’s sake), or ignore it.   Don’t send it to Fox news, and give it publicity.

So the idea that a plane may sink if it lands in water is offensive.  Okay.  So the idea that someone is capitalizing on a news story is offensive.  Okay.  Do you have to buy/play the game?  Can you ignore it.  Okay.

Be real.  Be grownups.  And quit crying.

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