The Party, the Party, to hell with the Voters, the Party

In her joint townhall meeting with Delegate K. Amundson, State Senator Linda T. “Toddy” Puller encouraged people to vote in the election on February 3 for the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

She said we can’t afford to let happen “what happened in Alexandria“.  Now, given that there’s no one really who could fail to seat the duly elected Board Chairman, Puller must have meant that the Democrats only won by 14 votes.  That is significant enough in itself, given the city.  But why MUST a Democrat win?

This is the fourth townhall I’ve attended; Ms. Puller and Ms. Amundson hold them every January.  At each, one would think the representatives were addressing a Democrat committee meeting.

We need legislators who are willing to listen to their constituents – all of them – not their parties.  Legislators who are willing to look at facts and vote accordingly, not vote according to Party agenda sheets.

Or maybe I misunderstood.  Maybe she was saying we don’t want to let the Democrat win – we don’t want what happened in Alexandria.

Sorry.  I must make her happy and go vote Anti-Democrat.

(In reality, there are four running.  Two are one-issue candidates, one is, at best, okay, and Bulova wants to continue Gerry Connolly’s “winning” ways.  This is one time I’m voting for change.)

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