Worth the read: John Lott on Obama’s dirty politics

This article seems to bring up some particularly disgusting politics as usual.

Yet, as Politico’s Ben Smith noted on Saturday:

“The White House, I’m told, is still trying to get a guarantee from Governor Lynch that he’ll replace Senator Gregg with a Democrat.”

Smith’s statement was a single sentence and no other implications have been drawn from it. But a report in The Wall Street Journal’s Political Diary today seems to confirm this claim.

Obama is misappropriating a government position, putting someone into his cabinet who he doesn’t believe is the best person for the job.

John Lott is not one to publish without researching, so though I haven’t followed the trail myself, I trust the source.

Maybe I’m just willing to believe it, since the man who thought Hillary shouldn’t be president because she shouldn’t deal with foreign powers at 0300 appointed her, unconstitutionally, as SecState, where she’ll get the 0300 call and determine whether to call him.  And because he’s already been quoted as saying “I won.  That trumps whatever…”  (I forget the exact quote.)  And because with a fillibuster-proof senate, he thinks he can remake American in his image.  Maybe I’m just unwilling to believe a Democrat who grew up in Chicago’s political machine doesn’t come out thinking some other way is the way to exercise your political might.

But, hey, I could be wrong.

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