Enough to make me spit nails

So some baseball player admits not only did he use banned substances, but that it’s okay because “I was lying to myself” and therefore had to lie to interviewers?   Now he’s to be cheered; he only did steroids for three years.  But he’s been lying to the world for eight?

Hell, at this rate, he could be President.  Bill Clinton seems to get away with it.

I’m sorry.  I’m ticked.  No, I’m more than that.  I’m outraged.  It seems more and more we’re okay with people lying through their teeth to themselves, to us, to the world, and then when they need or want the sympathy vote, apologizing.  Anyone think those apologies are heartfelt?  Bullpuckey.

Until we start holding people accountable, we might as well hang it up.  When you’re not accountable for screwing an intern in the White House, and then lying; when you’re not accountable for doing drugs, and then lying; when you’re not accountable for paying taxes, and then lying … when are you accountable for anything?  And if you aren’t accountable, why do I want you in my world, again?

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