Lies, and more lies

Fredericksburg Expo Center was advertising this wonderful show this weekend – combined Outdoor Show with a Gun & Knife show.

Hunting and fishing show now featuring the gun & knife show!  Now you get hunting and fishing equipment, seminars, NRA Whitetail display plus hundreds of tables of gun and knife equipment.

Except for one little caveat.  The two shows were separate, with a connecting door, and the Outdoor Show had great big signs saying “NO GUNS  PERMITTED IN THE OUTDOOR SHOW”

So it wasn’t a combined show at all.

I’ve heard time and again “it’s due to insurance regulations”.  Bullshit.  The two shows were in the same hall, open to one another, and the gun-show promoters, as they always do, were zip-tying all firearms.

And I couldn’t even go get coffee, because the food court was on that side of the hall!  Thank goodness there were restrooms on the gun show side.  The food court in Exhibit Hall B isn’t; it has no equipment.  It’s just where they sometimes set something up.  Not today.

And a Fredericskburg police officer had the nerve to tell me to just leave my gun in the car.  Like I want to spend my money someplace that disarms me?  Surely you jest.

To add insult to injury, the NRA had a booth inside the outdoor show (at least from the advertisement; as I say, I didn’t go in)!

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