Chrysler Financial, Bank of America scam buyers

So I bought a new car recently.  What the heck, got 0% financing and some rebates, making it a fair price.  And if the AlGorians have their way, I won’t be able to buy an internal combustion engine soon.  Might as well do it now.

Financed through Chrysler Financial.  After all, if I’m getting 0%, why not?

Well, I learned why not when I arrived home Tuesday to find a new “Jeep Rewards” Bank of America credit card in my mailbox.  A card with a multi-thousand-dollar limit.  A card I NEVER REQUESTED!

The finance manager at the  dealership had the nerve to tell me they shared my financial information only with Chrysler Financial, and this is just another service CF offers!  Like I should be happy.

Didn’t get their real attention until I told them two things:  I have now bought my last Chrysler product, and I’m just trying to determine now whether to go to state-level or national-level watchdog agencies to make the formal complaint.  I expect to get a return call tomorrow.

I am livid that one company thinks I want an unsolicited credit card, and that I wouldn’t choose what bank I transact my business with.   I do have another BOA card, since they bought out one of my long-standing accounts, but that won’t last long either.

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