Senator Webb can’t read …

or, at least, he hires staff who can’t read.

Or COUNT, apparently.  I got THREE identical responses to ONE letter — identical right down to the control number: GUID#IA8280daa6-5b10-4f41-9083-c7fd92426844.

I guess I should be flattered he finally decided to start responding to constituents — it’s only been in the 111th Congress session that he’s begun doing so.

I’ve yet, though, to get a response that addresses the concerns I wrote about.

I wrote about Hillary’s appointment to the SecState position – not her financial dealings, which she’s proven she’ll hide at any cost, but her (and Salazar’s) holding the office in defiance of the Constitution.  He sent a form letter that he was satisfied she sufficiently divorced herself from Billy Boy’s fundraising.

I wrote about Eric Holder as Attorney General, and his having shown his disdain for individual rights.  Webb sent a form letter that Holder’s experience qualified him.

I wrote expressing dismay at the stimulus package.  He sent a form letter about how thrilled he was to support it at $100M less than proposed.

His “response” letters are something less targeted than mass market publications.

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