Our precious ‘right to bear arms’ too often comes with a high price: death : Opinion : Anderson Independent-Mail

From independentmail.com, of Anderson, SC (my sister’s home) comes this gem:

Our precious ‘right to bear arms’ too often comes with a high price: death : Opinion

Well, d’oh.  Doesn’t she realize that many of our freedoms come from death?  From those who are willing to lay down their own lives that others may have freedom?

That notwithstanding – simply a poor choice of headline, which the author may or may not have had a hand in crafting – the premise of the article is that our 2nd amendment rights are somehow worthy of abandoning become some don’t treat them with responsibility.

Just as some may abuse freedom of speech to bully, to espouse hatred, or to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, some abuse the right to bear arms.  If you look through the facts, though, you’ll find most of those who commit crimes are not so much abusing a right as they are breaking dozens of laws, and thus thumbing their nose at a right.

No, it is not the right to bear arms that causes death.  It is the utter disregard for the responsibility that comes with rights.  I for one will not confuse the two, and will fight for the rights and their incumbent responsibilities.

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