Your politicians were busy …

Items the Virginia Legislature passed, and the Governor approved:

HB 1664: State Council of Higher Education for Virginia; duties. Eliminates the requirement that the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia must develop and revise, as it deems necessary, a model institutional crisis and emergency management plan for the purpose of assisting public and private two- and four-year institutions of higher education in establishing, operating, and maintaining emergency services and disaster preparedness activities.

HB 1948:  Examination for involuntary commitment; allow examination by licensed marriage and family therapists. Adds licensed marriage and family therapists to the list of persons who may conduct independent examinations of persons who are subject to a hearing for involuntary commitment.  Excuse me?  A marriage and family therapist may commit someone involuntarily?  Thus depriving them of certain civil liberties by definition?

This one’s just scary — HB2537: Special education; definition of parent. Defines “parent” for the purposes of the special education Article, and regulations promulgated thereto.  Rather than reword to “parent or other individual authorized by law”.

These are just a few of the ones they didn’t feel important enough to pass:

HB1281: Driving with special license plates after conviction of DUI. Requires persons convicted of drunk driving a third or subsequent time who have registered motor vehicles in Virginia to use yellow license plates with red letters and numbers for a five-year period. (Left in Courts of Justice)  I want to know why the hell they’re driving at all.

HB1656: Possession of concealed handguns by faculty members at state institutions of higher education. (left in Militia, Police, and Public Safety) Because these people can’t be trusted. Well, mostly because the politicians don’t have the backbone to vote for it; they’re safer leaving it in committee.

HB13: Enhanced penalty for stalking of a minor. (Left in Appropriations)

HB 55: English as the official language of the Commonwealth. (left in Rules)

HB58: The Keep Our Promise Act of 2008. Reinstates the Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998 at 100% reimbursement for qualifying vehicles effective January 1, 2009. (left in Finance)

HB1689: Fraudulently assisting illegal aliens; penalty. (Stricken from docket by voice vote in Courts of Justice Committee) Some delegates would lose half their constituency without the illegals.

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