No dialog, just send us money!

I’m really quite surprised the Brady Bunch hasn’t applied for stimulus money to pay congress to look at flawed statistics about how guns jump up off tables and out of cabinets, running helter-skelter away from holsters and safes, to inflict such grave injuries on the American population.  Or, maybe they have.

Because that’s all they want.  Money.

I am signed up for the Brady newsletter.  Generally, there are one to two paragraphs of  “oh, my, the sky is falling and you’re unamerican if you aren’t outraged” followed by “send us money”.

If there is one more mass shooting in this country, I am going to scream.

Last month, in less than three weeks, we witnessed the deaths of 22 people in mass shootings — in North Carolina, Alabama and California. This is truly March Madness!

If tainted pistachios, peanut butter, or spinach had killed these people, Congress would have jumped in with investigations, re-calls, and insisted that these foods be taken off the shelves in grocery stores.

And yet, Congress has done nothing — has said nothing — in response to these killing sprees. The NRA and gun lobby may have silenced Congress, but they will not silence me, you — or the Brady Campaign!

There is no place to conduct a conversation.  No blog.  No comment blocks.  No place to ask why their response focuses on the instrument rather than the action.    Frankly,  no outrage  calling for further registration and legislation on the idiot driver who causes a 50-car pileup with several deaths.  No reply address – unless you want to send a check   No, they don’t care about your safety; they care about your checkbook.  Apparently, the only way they want to communicate is by taking your money — kind of like the administration.

Monday was the anniversary of the day James Brady was shot.  Maybe they should blame the shooter,  not the gun?   Just askin’ ….

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